Sport & Exercise Pyschology

Topics: Anxiety, Psychology, Positive psychology Pages: 17 (2722 words) Published: April 27, 2014

Sport & Exercise Psychology
Individual assignment

By: Muhammad Nazhan Bin Zazali


Feedback, Reinforcement & Intrinsice Motivation
Group & Team Dynammics
Group Cohesion
Goal Setting
Arousal Regulation
Self Confidence
Exercise & Psychological Well-Being
Exercise Behaviour & Adherence


I always knew Motivation played an important part in sports and exercise. But I never knew that it could be so intricate. Before this I knew it as a driving force to help people achieve their goals, and that was all. But after doing some researching, reading and learning, I came to know it as something that is much deeper than just what it seems to me at the earlier point in time. Know I know that there are 2 types of motivation, Extrinsic, which is the drive to perform or initiate any action they get from outside and Intrinsic, which is the drive to perform or initiate any action from the inside of themselves. This will be a helpful tool for me to use as I intend to be either a personal trainer or a physical education teacher and I could use this to help my clients/students reach their goals and even push them to whole new level.


To be honest, in the beginning I actually knew close to nothing about Arousal and very little about stress and anxiety. The only thing I knew about the stress is the stress that I was facing trying to finish up all of my class assignments, and at that time it looked very bleak. But on a serious note after learning about arousal, stress and anxiety, I knew that arousal isn’t the same as anxiety. Both of them were different things. Arousal is a state of being awake and reactive to stimuli. Arousal makes you alert and ready to respond. It is very important as it is responsible for so many things like, processing information, motivating behaviours and regulating consciousness. This is very helpful as it may help me to better understand the people I work with in the future.

Probably among all of the topics that we were supposed to log down, this was the most I was familiar with, due to the fact that we talk and hear about it so much in our daily lives, and also due to fact that a lot of us has went through stress of our own. Stress is basically an imbalance of physical and psychological demands that is faced by an individual and their way of response towards the particular situation of which if failing to meet the demands has dire consequences. The sources of stress can be broken down in two, which are Situational sources and Personal sources. Stress can be very important in Sports & exercise science, in certain situations making the difference of winning and losing. It is important that we understand stress so as to know how to deal with it and teach how to manage it. This set of knowledge will definitely be very useful for use in teaching and also for personal management.

About this topic, in the beginning I know very little about it at first but I knew that it is something you feel, something like an emotion. I then later came to knew that it is a state of emotion, which is negative. Usually associated with the feelings of being worried and nervousness. Also, anxiety isn’t the same as arousal; they are actually both almost very different things. There are two types of anxiety, the first being Trait anxiety referring to the personal disposition of the person. And the next being State anxiety referring to the person’s feeling at the present moment that changes from time to time. Measuring of anxiety can be done by monitoring the psychological signs e.g. heart rate, respiration, skin conductance, biochemistry. Also by the global and multidimensional self-report scales. Sources of anxiety are broken down into two, which are situational sources and personal sources. It is important...
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