Sport and Society

Topics: Race, National Collegiate Athletic Association, Football Pages: 4 (1459 words) Published: April 13, 2014
Gage Lotozo
Sport and Society
4-2 Short Paper: Diversity Plan
Diversity is something that plagues everyone in their daily lives. We are all given choices almost every day to either do the right thing or the wrong thing. Often times we don’t even realize that we are choosing either, we just go on and let who we are takeover. From the moment we start to socialize we make choices and judgments on who we are, what we like, and what makes us different. The most glaring difference for kids at a young age is skin color and gender. As we age different influences will allow us to either get rid of out biases or to make them stronger. When an individual gets to college they will be faced with even more diversity and situations, as they come in contact with hundreds of new personalities and races.

College football is a great example of a place where many factors contribute to diversity. There are three parts to making a good university or college successful. The first would have to be from the top, the administration. The President of the university, the Athletic Director, all the way down to the secretary of an office is in charge of seeing that their university, specifically in athletics, runs as smoothly as possible and gets the best results. Racial and gender issues infect the administration element. Often times women aren’t represented well and the same goes for race where races other than Caucasians aren’t represented well either.

The next rung down in command would have to be the coaches of their particular sport. It’s no secret that White coaches lead the percentage of coaches in America, “Whites dominate the head coaching ranks on men’s teams holding 86.2 percent, 88 percent and 91.9 percent of all head coaching positions in Divisions I, II and III, respectively”. (Richard Lapchick with Robert Agusta n.d., 5) And in most of the major sports at least the number is decreasing, with some sports losing up to a whole percentage. (Richard Lapchick with...

Cited: Richard Lapchick with Robert Agusta, Nathaniel Kinkopf, Frank McPhee. "The 2012 Racial and Gender Report Card: College Sport." The Institue for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.
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