Sport and Exercise Psychology Organizations

Topics: Psychology, Applied psychology, Sport psychology Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: February 12, 2015
a) Where and when is the organization’s next conference being held? AAPS – October 14-17, 2015. JW Marriot Indianapolis, Indiana USA APA – August 6-9, 2015. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
NASPSPA – June 4-7, 2015. Portland, Oregon, USA
b) What is the stated purpose of each organization?
AAPS - Applied sport and exercise psychology involves extending theory and research into the field to educate coaches, athletes, parents, exercisers, fitness professionals, and athletic trainers about the psychological aspects of their sport or activity. A primary goal of professionals in applied sport and exercise psychology is to facilitate optimal involvement, performance, and enjoyment in sport and exercise. APA – Division 47 seeks to further the clinical, educational and scientific foundations of exercise and sport psychology. Through Division 47, both practitioners and scientists with common interests have the opportunity to interact and to further their personal and professional capabilities. Applied service interests include promoting best practices in mental training techniques, ethical considerations in sport psychology service provision, practitioner self-care and clinical issues such as mood disorders and disordered eating with athletes. Areas of scientific inquiry include motivation to persist and achieve; psychological considerations in sport injury and rehabilitation; counseling techniques with athletes; assessing talent; exercise adherence and well-being; self-perceptions related to achieving; expertise in sport; youth sport; and performance enhancement and self-regulation techniques.

NASPSPA - The purpose of NASPSPA is to develop and advance the study of Motor Behaviour (development, learning, and control) and Sport and Exercise Psychology.

c) What publication, if any, does each offer?
AAPS – Several journals; Journal of Applied Sports Psychology, Journal of Sports Psychology in Action, Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sports Psychology, Newsletters...
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