Spoon River Anthology

Topics: Spoon River Anthology, Death, Light Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: December 1, 2008
Spoon River Anthology
The Spoon River Anthology is a story of many different cultured people all dying in a small town known as Spoon River. This play was based upon free-verse, and gravestone epitaphs, where the dead actually told their own story. The mood of the play was very dark. The lighting for this play set the mood, timid yet bold in some moments. The Scenery was based around a large grave stone. I wish there would have been more props; it would have made the play a lot more interesting. There were thirteen people in this play. However, it became really confusing when they played more than one character, and they never changed their attire. I was very confused at this point. If I would have read some background information before going I would have probably understood it better than I did, but providing more characters would have helped as well. I didn’t like that of the thirteen people, each of them played at least seven parts. In the very beginning all of the characters stood in the darkness. Then, when the lights turned on they turned around and each told a brief description of themselves, why they were in Spoon River, and how they died. The play seemed like it was like this the whole time. Not one moment comes to mind of the characters actually doing something besides switching places, and telling a different story each time which made it more dreadful. The music of this play was old timey I didn’t like that it sounded the same as each character would change their parts. On the other hand, it was good to listen to when they were singing. I did enjoy this play, but there are many simple things that could have been added to affect the audience more than it did. But, over-all I enjoyed it.
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