Topics: Tourism, Cruise ship, Cultural tourism Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: October 26, 2013

Mariposa Cruises has established itself as Canada’s leader in the hospitality cruise industry. Defining itself a guaranteed success, at the highest level of service and best possible location there is at the Toronto Habour Waterfronts. Mariposa Cruises envisions that they will give the best dynamic experiences; brining world class level of excellent quality service. Their emphasis on true values is responsibility on the greater community through their actions, being a good neighbour and citizen. As the largest and most recognized cruise company in Canada, we believe that Mariposa Cruises allows us the exemplify awareness in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Our prominent partnership with Mariposa Cruises allows us the maximal exposure of Ted Rogers and Ryerson University as key players in the hospitality industry. Opening the doors to the forces of young talents in the hospitality and tourism management, maximizes exposure of Mariposa Cruises’ generous offer of the Oriole cruise ship, where best exemplify the future as a starting point. Mariposa Cruises will initially plant seeds in the minds of the future workforce and travelers, whereof it would strengthen and be recognized as a stepping stone created to acquire awareness and sustainability of the future for Mariposa Cruises.


Gordon Food Service, founded in 1897, is North America's largest family-owned and managed foodservice distributor. GFS is dedicated to serve customers with the highest quality food service products and services, through innovative systems and the spirit and integrity of the stakeholders. GFS recognizes the importance of community involvement and to insure that the intended purposes are sustained, therefore have created a set of standards in granting of donations to certain organizations and events. Gordon Food Service’s deep local roots and community based awareness in every region combined with the purchasing power of North...
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