Spoken Language Study

Topics: Text messaging, Mobile phone, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (1180 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Spoken Language Study
Look around you, on public transports, waiting in a queue or even at the dinner table and people are on their mobile phones. Many are inseparable from this device, not because they are perpetually talking but because they are constantly connecting with friends through text messaging. In this spoken language study I have collected a variety of research to explore views and opinions on texting and whether text messaging is hindering Standard English. Whilst conducting my research I discovered interesting facts. The number of text messages sent in Britain peaked at 39.7 billion, for the year 2011. Research shows the average Brit sends 50 texts a week while an average teenager sends 193 texts per week. Half of the worlds population own a mobile phone and 2/3 of these people text. How and why we are texting influence text: this is ‘context’. During a group activity we discussed our reasons and views as to why we use text messaging. We discovered that people text for different reasons. The results show, It is cheaper to text, The conversation in text format is shorter in contrast with a lengthy phone call. It’s convenient to text rather than call as you may not want to talk. Furthermore we acknowledged, depending on the person we type a message to there is a level of formality and informality. For example we would send formal texts to professionals, Gp/dental appointments or the bank. Whereas informal texts to friends, family or partners. Reasons being it would be inappropriate to write in ‘text speak’ to professionals. Interestingly this helped me to identify the reasons as to why I use texting. Upon reflecting I text as majority of people would rather you contact them via text messaging to communicate, hence I have succumbed to this popular phenomena. Personally i prefer to hear friends or loved ones voice through conversation as its much more personal, then twiddling my thumbs sending a text message. As a group we firstly looked at spoken...
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