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1. What is your name?
My name is Priya.
2. What is your father’s name?
My father’s name is Mr.Kannan
3. What is your mother’s name?
My mother’s name is Mrs.Lakshmi
4. What is your father?
My father is a Businessman
5. What is your mother?
My mother is a House-wife
6. How many sisters do you have?
I have no sister
7. How many brothers do you have?
I have one elder brother
8. Where do you live?
I live in V.K.Puram
9. How old are you?
I am fifteen years old
10. Who is your spoken English teacher?
My spoken English teacher is Mrs.Angel Rajamani
11. How many girls are there in your class?
There are 62 girls in my class
12. What day is today?
Today is Wednesday
13. Do you like your school?
Yes, I do
14. Do you play in the evening?
Yes, I play in the evening
15. What games do you play?
I play throw ball, basketball
16. Who is your favourite teacher?
Our English teacher is our favourite teacher
17. Do you read newspapers?
No I don’t read newspapers
18. Do you watch T.V?
Yes I watch T.V
19. When do you get up in the morning?
Usually I get up at 6.00 a.m
20. How do you go to school?
I go to school by bus/by cycle/on foot
21. When does your class start?
My class starts at 9.30.a.m
22. Which is your favourite subject?
My favourite subject is mathematics
23. Who is your friend?
My friend is Sheela
24. When do you go to bed?
I go to bed at 9.00.p.m
25. Have you got a bicycle?
Yes I have got a bicycle
26. Who is our president?
Our president is Mrs.Prathiba Patel
27. Who is our prime minister?
Our prime minister is Mr.Manmohan Singh
28. Who is our chief minister?
Our chief minister is Mr.M.Karunanidhi
29. Who is our education minister?
Our education minister is Mr.Thangam Thennarasu
30. Who is your school head mistress?
My school head mistress is Rev.Sr.S.Patricia
31. Who is your school correspondent?
My school correspondent is Rev.Sr.S.Arul Mary
32. How many classrooms are there in your school?
44 classrooms are there in my school
33. Do you like stories?
Yes, I like stories
34. Can you dance?
No, I can’t
35. Can you sing?
Yes, I can sing
36. Why are late to the school?
I missed the bus
37. Why are you crying?
I have lost my purse
38. Has the bell gone?
Yes the bell has gone
39. Is tomorrow a holiday?
Yes, tomorrow is a holiday
40. Who broke the bottle?
I don’t know
41. What is the time now?
It is 8.00.a.m
42. May I come in Madam?
Yes, come in
43. May I drink water?
Yes you may
44. May I go to toilet?
Yes you may go
45. May I read the lesson?
Yes you may
46. Which class are you studying in?
I am studying in IX standard
47. Which section are you in?
I am studying in section B
48. What day is tomorrow?
Tomorrow is Friday.
49. What day was yesterday?
Yesterday was Tuesday
50. Do you bring your lunch to school?
Yes I do
51. Is your school big?
Yes my school is big
52. Do you pray to God daily?
Yes I pray to my God daily
53. Do you help your mother?
Yes I help my mother
54. Do you study well?
I am trying to study well
55. Who sits near you?
Nandhini sits near me in my class
56. Who is the tallest girl in your class?
Gopika is the tallest girl in my class
57. Who is the best girl in your class?
Gayathri is the best girl in your class
58. How many days are there in a week?
There are seven days in a week
59. What are they?
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday
60. How many months are there in a year?
There are 12 months in a year
61. What are they?
January, February, March, April, May, June, July,
August, September, October, November, December
62. How many days are there in February?
28 days in ordinary year and 29 days in leap year
63. What can I do for you?
Please lend me your pen
64. What do you want to buy?
I want to buy notebooks
65. What is the name of your school?
My school name is Amali girls higher secondary school
66. What is the name of your state?
Tamil Nadu
67. What is the name...
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