Spirituality vs religion

Topics: Spirituality, Religion, Meditation Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: February 4, 2014
Spirituality and religion are two concepts that people often interrelate. Some believe that they are devoutly spiritual because they have a relationship with their holy father. In recent years this concept of spirituality has been lost, spirituality can mean so much more than just being religious. Being religious is shaping your belief system around fixed external values. Usually involving public rituals, doctrines, worship and a code of ethics. Religion has more of a set belief that claim to get people in a right relationship with god. Religion is more tangible than spirituality. Spirituality is an inner path that allows one to become in tune with his/her mind body and soul. Spirituality is intangible it is the focus on spiritual things and the spiritual world instead of physical things. Spirituality is something that must be found from inside one’s self, it cannot be found in a church or by following a certain set of beliefs. Spirituality allows a connection to something/someone beyond this physical world. To me the major difference between spirituality and religion is believing vs being. A religious person accepts a certain set of beliefs and rituals and lives their lives based around that code of morals and does not question. Whereas spirituality is evidenced by the act of doing spiritual things, meditating, reading scriptures, giving to charity, spirituality questions everything in search for something bigger. Spirituality lives in the present where religion lives in the future and present. Religion has a set place and style for worship. Spirituality is found in many different places and can be practiced in many different ways and can mean something different to everyone, there is no strict code to follow. Spirituality can exist on many different levels and vary from person to person. Spirituality tends to be more private and personal whereas religion is more public and organized. Spirituality can exist without being religious, but many...
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