Spirituality And Religion

Topics: Religion, Spirituality, God Pages: 2 (1012 words) Published: June 25, 2015

Spiritulity and Religion Must Coexist

The wonderful thing about spirituality is that it is personal and everyone is on their own path.  I happen to come from a family and church that is actually rich in spirituality, though many people do not understand that you can be both! I researched  some of the stuff published about spirituality vs. religion and I was startled to see that religion was compartmentalized into rules, regulations, and a church, and spirituality was more individual and seemingly more appropriate in this day and age..  I happen to disagree that they are separate.  I believe that religion may be the root of spirituality. It is just ignorance and wrong direction, understanding, misdeeds, actions and reactions that may have caused people to separate the two, or people that get stuck in the rules and the church that don't allow their spirituality to grow and develop into oneness with God.  When you eat a birthday or wedding cake, the frosting is like spirituality for me, but the cake, the foundation to spirituality is the natural law that spirituality is based on and that some might call religion. Buildings and the human body are constructed in similar ways.  If you just have the veneer of the house or building, but no structure, how will the building hold up?  How can our bodies walk around without the skeleton?  We are not just flesh and skin!   Many thinkers, philosophers, authors, etc. that I have studied have this foundation of understanding the natural law of the universe and why we do not kill our neighbor or treat others differently than we want to be treated.(I'm not talking about the 600 rules like the Sanhedrin made up for the Jews to follow or in many churches the endless rules that are overkill)  Interestingly the same problem that I see with those who don't accept the full package of spirituality is probably a human frailty. We want to be in control.  We want to be so in control of the law, or misconstrue with our own human...
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