Spiritual Consciousness in Santmat and Other Religions a Comparative Study

Topics: Religion, Spirituality, Christianity Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: June 16, 2013

“Hai Til ke Til ke Bhitar Birle Sadhu Paya Hai,
Cahun dal Kamal Trikuti Saje Omkar darsaya hai.”
“There is a pupil of the eye inside the pupil which itself is inside the pupil of the eye, some rare Sadhu has seen it. There is a lotus of four petals in Trikuti which is the region of Om, reveals great Saint Kabir Sahab. Param Guru Huzur Sahabji Maharaj, fifth Revered leader of Radha soami faith and founder of Dayalbagh also explains; “The greatest discovery that has ever been made or that shall ever be, and the highest truth that has been communicated to humanity or that shall ever be, is that there is nothing higher or nobler than our Atman”. Truth, Absolute reality, Supreme Bliss , Refulgence and love are realized as essence of the Spiritual essence that is the Originator, Sustainer and Absorber of the entire Creation. This essence is “Chaitanya” or “ Supreme Consciousness’ of the Primeval Spirit Force in creation and also the essence of man. Man is microcosm while the creation is Macrocosm. Thus as in man who has three dimensions of physical body, intelligent mind and essence of spirit there are three dimensions of Physical Matter, Universal Mind and Supreme Reservoir of Spirituality in the Creation. In the Religious traditions the supremacy of the Spirit is taken axiomatically. Highest levels of Spiritual Consciousness are sought to guide the lives of men and human societies. The essence of mystical experiences has all been one across all religious traditions. In fact “Spiritual Consciousness” has been the fulcrum of all attempts at defining Religion’ which according to ‘Eliade’ is an experience of the ‘Sacred” an experience of the ‘wholly other’ for ‘Otto’ and Scholarly study of the “Sacred” for ‘Tillich’. According to Dr Radhakrishnan the term ‘Consciousness’ is often used as alternative to Spirit, as where it is said that Consciousness and matter are the two aspects of Parabraham or that consciousness is the purest form of cosmic force yet...
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