Spinners and Students

Topics: Spinners, Spinner, Spins Pages: 5 (993 words) Published: March 7, 2014
Date/Day:03-05-2012 ( Thursday )
No.students:20 boys, 25 girls
Title/ Topic:Probability

Objectives:At the end of the lesson, students will be able: i) To identify ad predict events as certain, impossible, likely, or unlikely by using spinners. ii) To record all possible outcomes of experiments.

iii) To record and display results and make predictions from experiments.

Moral Value:Respect teachers, rational, independence
Methods: Slides Powerpoint, Spinners, Text book

Steps/ Time
Teachers and students Activities
Strategies / methods / Value
Set Induction
(5 mins)
Teachers activities:
i. play the slide show to introduces children to probability through an experiment in which one outcome is more likely than the others. The experiment provides experience for children to collect and analyze data. The probability of spinning each number provides a context for talking about fractions and percents and engages students in comparing the areas of the regions of a circle. Making their own spinner gives children practice in following directions and helps develop their fine motor skills. Students Activities:

i. Students pay attention to the slides powerpoint.
ii. Students give a rational response to questions asked by teachers. iii. Students ready to study.

Teacher and students centered
Respect Teacher & Rational

Step 1
(10 minit)

i. Direction of making spinners

Teacher Activities:
i. Teacher Hold up the sample spinner had been made. Tell students they are going to make a spinner like yours. Ask what they notice about its face. Spin the spinner and point out how the indicator line tells what number the spinner lands on. 1. Cut out the spinner face.

2. Cut the 5-by-8-inch index card in half. Mark a dot near the center of one of the halves. Using a straightedge, draw a line from the dot to one corner of the card. 3. Glue the spinner face to the side of the index card you did not draw on. Cut out the face of the spinner with its new, heavy backing. 4. Bend up the outside part of a paper clip. This part should point straight up when the paper clip is lying flat on your desk. 5. Use the paper clip to poke a hole in the center of the spinner face and through the dot near the center of the index card. 6. Push the bent end of the paper clip through the hole in the index card and use tape to secure the rest of the paper clip to the bottom of the card. Make sure the side of the card with the line is facing up. 7. Put the 1/2-inch length of plastic straw and then the spinner face on the paper clip. 8. Cover the tip of the paper clip with a piece of tape.

Students Activities:
i. Students listen to the direction given by the teacher while making the spinners ii. Students ask questions to the teacher if the lack of understanding.

Step 2
(7 mins)
Demonstrate for the students how to do the spinner experiment: Teacher Activities:
i. Teacher asks students to try to do the spinners.
1. Write the numerals 1, 2, and 3 at the bottom of the first three columns on the spinner recording sheet. 2. Spin the spinner and record the number it lands of in the lowest square of its column. Point out to the students that they should start writing at the bottom of the columns. Do five or six spins, recording the number each time. 3. Tell students that they will continue spinning and recording until one number reaches the top of its column. 4. Children then cut out the three-column strip and post it on the chalkboard under 1, 2, or 3 heading.

Students Activities:
i. Students follow the direction given by the teacher and do the spinners. ii. Students then cut out the three-column strip and post it on the chalkboard under 1, 2, or 3 heading. iii. Students ask questions to the teacher if the...
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