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Topics: African American, Discrimination, Racism Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: February 25, 2015
The film Bamboozled by Spike Lee explores a world where a television show which involves pure racism is accepted by the majority of viewers. The movie depicts a television show which uses blackface and depicts African Americans as lesser humans. Even though this movie is a satire and is supposed to be extreme, how extreme is it when compared to todays world? Could a television show like the one seen in Bamboozled actually be accepted by the audience of today?

Many people of today are blind to the fact that racism still exists in today’s world. The same can be said about people’s blindness to sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination. There are a lot of people that believe that just because women have the right to vote, gay marriage is becoming more and more accepted and the Jim Crow laws are a thing of the past, that discrimination based on gender, sexuality and race must not exist. These people could not be more wrong, and Spike Lee uses the film Bamboozled to show that people are starting to see racism as less of a serious issue and more of a joke.

Though the television show “Mantan” which is depicted in Bamboozled would be an extreme case and I do not believe that that particular show would survive today, I do believe a show that was a bit more subtle with it’s obvious racism could unfortunately make it’s way onto television.

There are two key factors that the general public would have to have to make a television show like “Mantan” possible and the first of these two is ignorance; ignorance to the history and struggle of African Americans in American society throughout time and ignorance to how serious the issue of racism is and continues to be. When people are not educated on the devastating struggles in which African Americans faced throughout history, they will not be able to fully understand how hurtful and serious racism is. They may instead be ignorant enough to believe that racism is no longer an issue of today and can be made...
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