Spiders vs Insects

Topics: Insect, Arthropod, Spider Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Swoosh! Swoosh!
"Ahh," the fly yelled.
"Ha, ha," the spider yelled evilly.
"It's dinner time," the spider yelled at the fly. "Wait! Remember we are cousins," the fly said scared half-to-death as the spider wrap silk around the fly. The fly was right spiders and insects were cousins because they both apart of the arthropod group in the animal kingdom. They have many differences and similarities. Like there body structure they have many differences and similarities. For instance they both have an exoskeleton because they are invertebrates which means they don't have a backbone. Another one is that they both have an abdomen. They also have different body parts like the spider only has a cephalothorax, and a abdomen but an insect has a thorax, a head, and an abdomen. Another difference is that an insect has wings and antennae but a spider doesn't have either. Another difference and similarities is their surviving tricks. Like the insects use mimicry so the predator would think they are something else. For example a Swallowtail Caterpillar walks by. Creep! Creep! Creep! Swoosh! A birds flies by it looks at the caterpillar and flies away because the caterpillar looks like bird dropping. Also another surviving trick insects use is to have wings because it gives them an advantage of flying away. For example a butterfly. Zap! A frog tadpole but then the toad sees the butterfly. The frog tries to eat the butterfly but the butterfly manages to escape because it can fly away. A surviving trick a spider uses is building a web to catch food. For example a black widow spider. Swoosh! Swoosh! The insect is caught in the black widow's web. Next the spider wraps the insect in silk. But the insect is struggling to get free. Then bite! The insect is paralyze next the spider sucks up the blood of the insect and it dies! Another surviving trick a spider uses is to make...

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