Spider vs Wasp

Topics: Spider, Arthropod, Tarantula Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The Spider and the Wasp

Alexander Petrunkevitch shows great details about nature and its creatures. Like one of his story “The Sider and the Wasp.” Two different creatures trying to live another day, jet for some reason they look for conflict with one another. Those two creatures that are the same but different in their own way “is a classic example of what looks like intelligences pitted against instinct” (Petrunkevitch 59).

The tarantula and the digger (pepsis) are both from the branch called arthropods. Even though the spider is an arachnid and the wasp is an insect they do have some similarities. For example for they are both solitude creatures, only when they have to mate they gather among others of their own kind in order for the males offspring are pass on. They are both treacherous when they feel in danger and inflict serious wounds on animals and humans as well. However, they are completely dissimilar from one another and in their behaviors. The tarantula spider it’s diverse then the wasp by its mating rituals and its behavior. The Tarantula lives deep in a cylindrical burrows. Males’ tarantula dies in a few weeks after they mate, while females can live many years and mate several times. Females’ tarantula can lay form two hundred to four hundred eggs at time. After she lays her eggs, she just weaves a cocoon of silk and leaves, leaving her offspring to fend for themselves. The spider is also different then the wasp by its behavior. Both males and females react in the same way to its advances when it comes to their intelligences and instinct. When the wasp is seizing up the spider, the tarantulas behavior shows only confusion. For example when the wasp explores the spider with her antennae; “The wasp crawls under it and walks over it without evoking any hostile response. The molestation is so great and so persistent that the tarantula often rises on all eight legs as if it were stilts” (Petrunkevitch 62).While...
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