Sphere and Flowchart

Topics: Sphere, Addition, Elementary arithmetic Pages: 1 (510 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Sophomores, good day!
I want you to create flowcharts for the following problems. You may have realized now how to create a correct, accurate and acceptable solution. Put them in short bond paper with the format given by Mam Jenny Lou. You need to pass your work on our first meeting next week (Sep 15-19). Work your own. 1. Given two numbers X and Y. Draw a flowchart to determine the difference between X and Y. If X – Y is negative, compute R = 2X + 2Y; if X – Y is zero, compute R = X + Y; and if X – Y is positive, compute R = X * Y2. Print out the values of X, Y and R.

2. Draw a flowchart which will read and print the names and individual scores of 50 students for a particular examination. Also, determine their average score, and print it out. 3. Create a flowchart that asks the user to enter a month in numbers and then prints the name of the month and the number of days in that month. For February, print “28 days.” 4. Create a flowchart that reads three numbers and prints “THEY ARE THE SAME” if they are all the same, “THEY ARE DIFFERENT” if they are all different, and “NEITHER” otherwise. 5. Ask a user to input a radius and compute for the area of circle and volume of a sphere. Your program will terminate if the previous inputted value is equal to the new inputted value for the radius. 6. With the use of a switch and a sentinel data value, draw a flowchart to print out all numbers that is multiple of 2 from 1 to 50, and determine the sum of all the numbers. 7. The value of y is defined as follows:

if x is negative
if x is positive
if x is zero
Create a flowchart that will find y, given a user entry for x. The user needs to input 3 values of x. Some more problems that is similar to your previous ones.
8. Create a flowchart that will read five numbers. Determine if two numbers are the same from the input. If there is, output “There is a duplicate number” and the number. If not, output “There is no duplicate number.” Assume only two...
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