Sperm and Egg

Topics: Semen, Spermatozoon, Uterus Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: August 27, 2013
This is a story about Sam the Sperm, and Sally the Egg. This is an exciting day for Sam and Sally because they are going to be fertilized today. Fertilization is the moment Sam and Sally fuse together and a new individual begins to form. Sally has been waiting for this day for 28 years, since her egg was produced when she was in the fetal ovaries, along with five million others, but today she is the chosen one! Sam feels like he has won the lotto because he is the only one out of 500 million mobile sperm discharged today, in one ejaculation that will get to fertilize! Sam’s life begins in the seminiferous tubules, inside the testes, where he has been maturing about two months. Before the great ejaculation, he moves to the epididymis waiting for the great force that pushes him through the urethra. In the urethra, he is mixed with a secretion from the prostate gland containing substances that facilitate his long journey to the female ovum, better known as Sally. First, Sam the Sperm and the prostate secretion are discharged with immense force by the way of contractions of the pelvic muscles, and then they are followed by a sugar-containing fluid from the seminal vesicles (glands emptying into the vas deferens). From there he exits the penis into the vagina where his journey of fertilization begins. Sally has had a much longer life than Sam has because she was formed while still in the fetus of a human being. Her chances of becoming fertilized are about one in 500 million. Her time of ovulation is a dynamic process that takes place in the course of one or more minutes. The portion of the follicle facing the abdominal cavity ruptures rapidly and the fluid filling the follicle and containing millions of cells runs out. Inside the vast number of cells is the ovum as known as Sally. There thousands of cells that provide nourishment and protection for the journey surround Sally. In the meantime, the Fallopian tubes have received signals to get ready to capture...
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