Spending a Day with the President

Topics: Barack Obama, Illinois, Democratic Party Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: September 27, 2011
The famous person I would most likely choose to spend the day with would have to be our own 44th president Mr.Barack Obama, Reason being, off top he’s runs the country; and not only that, he’s for the people and he likes a lot of activities that I’m involved with on a regular. Mr Obama is also the first African American in office, he was even the senator for Illinois’ I believe Barak Obama is a great role model and he has a numerous amount of respect in the U.S.A.

Meeting with Mr Obama is mostly important to me because he have authority over the U.S.A,that’s very important to me since I reside in America, I feel like he makes the best decisions and choices to the best of his knowledge and I really commend him on what he do. Since Obama have been in office its been a lot of changes for the better for our country. My Time with Obama was knowledgeable, rewarding and overall fun. Spending the day with him gave Me a chance to get more acquainted with him and learn new things about him that I didn’t know, For instance how he run the country and the essential responsibilities he perform in order to get the job done. Personal things like his favorite TV shows and favorite sport, which is basketball, something we both love. I also had the chance to get to play Mr Obama in a game of 1 on 1.Obama also talked to me about accomplishing whatever it is I will like to do in the future. He let me Know that Anything Is possible. Mr Obama is also lived in Chicago IL, where I’m from, we had the chance to share common interest on the most popular hotspots in downtown Chicago. Spending the day with Barack Obama was enlightening, also a great experience. Obama is a great role model. I really enjoyed spending the day with him and his family and would really like to indulge in the experience again.
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