Spend Money or Save Money?

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Spend money or save money?
Some people say that it is better to enjoy your money as soon as you earn it, while others prefer to save money for their further life. It is really a difficult choice faced by lots of people, because of the different attitudes they hold towards money. As far as I am concerned, I vote for the former choice, which is that it is better for one to enjoy his or her money as soon as it is earned, because of these following reasons. First, since no one knows what will happen in the next second, we had better enjoy what we own now. For example, imagine a person, who saves all he can save in the hope of living better in his later life or making use of money, when necessary, suddenly dies from a traffic accident one morning, leaving all his savings without enjoying a pit of them. Money is just what can provide us most of the enjoyments. In this highly commercial world, nothing can be done without money- seeing movies, watching a game or a concert, eating in a fancy restaurant. Money itself, indeed, cannot give us happiness, but at least it can offer us such opportunities to seek happiness in certain aspect. On the other hand, some people will agree with me, that saving money in bank is the quickest way to lose it. In addition, none of the rich people became rich by getting interest from the bank. Enjoying what u get cannot bring only you your happiness but also contribute to the economy of your country, for example money circulating. So taking into account these factors, we may reach the conclusion, that I defenetly opt to spending money because it is still the best way to make our lives enjoyable and worthwhile.
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