Spelled Into Suburbia

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Spelled Into Suburbia
What is it about America that makes it different from many other countries? Why do so many people come here with hope for a better future? Why is it that people who are already here, are taking everything they have, and moving to a completely new town somewhere in another part of the country? This can all be answered by the American dream. The dream may not be the same for everyone, for the possibilities are endless with hard work. However, when looking at geographical changes that are happening to this country, you can see patterns that show there is one thing in common that we Americans are pursuing- a home to call our own. Not just any home, but a newly built one, in a newly built suburban town. The critics of suburbia have shaped a stereotype, and when looking from the outside in, there is a robotic, mindless sense to the idea of a suburban town. However, it is the exact opposite idea that suburban living even exists. A close examination of David Brook’s article, “Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia.” and a photograph of an advertisement for suburban homes in The Seattle Times, reveals the “paradise spell” also known as the American dream and reflects how the fantasy to start fresh plays a huge role in America’s identity.

Where many countries are held down perhaps by religion, by myth, or by government to stay in one place, we Americans have a completely different look on life and our future. This makes the Unites States a very attractive place to live. In David Brooks’ article, “Our sprawling, Supersize Utopia”, the use of the word Utopia in the title explains his perspective of America’s current situation in the booming development of suburbia. When people are purchasing these houses, they are imagining a utopia where life will be much better than it is in their current location. David uses the repetition of the word perfect. “The suburbs themselves are conservative utopias, where people go because they imagine orderly and perfect...

Cited: Brooks. David. “Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia.” The New York Times April. 2004
Smart Growth Townhomes (The Seattle Times, 2011)
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