Speeh of a Teacher

Topics: Ateneo de Manila University, Blindness, Braille Pages: 12 (4404 words) Published: March 12, 2011
My fellow graduates, how shall we live up for a noble expectation? How could we prove our worth? Young as we are, we have a vision, as we have to be aware of the share we must do for good. Not only for ourselves, neither for our family, for our institution, but also for our community and country as a whole. Varied problems and issues arise which have been alarming. Many cases of rape, killings, kidnappings, robbery, white slavery, destruction of our national wealth and resources, pollution, tenancy problem, malnutrition, child abuse, drug trafficking, and other heinous crimes remain unsolved, especially those committed by influential people, high ranking officials, and persons in authority. This is a disheartening scenario. Kaya, mga kapwa ko magsisipagtapos, maging bukas ang ating isipan para sa makabuluhang pakikialam at pakikibaka sa malaking hamong ito. Magsikap tayo, magsipag sa pagtuklas pa ng karunungan upang makatulong tayo sa pinapangarap na Pilipinas 2010 ng ating pangulo. Matindi ang hamon sa atin — kapayapaan at kasipagan — kaunlaran sa taong 2010. Tayong mga bukod na pinagpala na pinagkalooban ng karunungan bagamat nasa murang isipan pa lamang ay hindi dapat magsawalang bahala sa kasalukuyang sitwasyon. Kaya nating labanan at lutasin ang anumang suliranin kung magtutulung-tulong tayo — sapagkat tayo ang mga batang mamamayan na may mahalagang papel sa kaganapan ng pangarap ng ating pangulo. Lagi nating isaisip na ang kapayapaan at kasipagan ay siyang sandigan tungo sa makabuluhang edukasyon sa taong 2010.

Some may be wondering why graduation ceremonies are also called commencement exercises. Graduation marks the end of a course, while commencement means the beginning. Is it possible that the end means the beginning? Is it contingent that the two antithetical words could mean the same thing? The explanation is quite simple. For graduation is the end of a course and a commencement the start of either another course or of something else --- perhaps a career. It is like twilight that marks the end of day and the beginning of night, or like the dawn that marks the end of night and the beginning of the day. For life and everything material around us begin and end, and the beginning of one, marks the end of another in the ceaseless march of time. In our studies, the end of the elementary course is the beginning of high school, and the end of one's elementary life is the beginning of a more complex world of high school life. Sad we may be, but there is one graduation, one commencement exercise that must come to every one of us. Hence, all graduations in this life are leading to and are preparations for a last and final commencement, just as every step of the stairs leads up to the threshold, or like curtains that open as we walk through them, one after the other, until the final one is reached, which opens to a magnificent vista of unending horizon. We now stand at the threshold of a new world, a world of competition and cooperation, failures and success. With undaunted courage, we take another step toward our improvement. Nothing is left of the past four years except a memory of days bygone. Soon, the memory will be just a blurred vision of something wonderful in our past. The unselfish effort of our Alma Mater served as our inspiration in pursuit of our elementary school diploma --- our stepping stone to a higher education of every chosen career. For all of these, we are indebted to our hardworking and devoted teachers, who are the masters of their own field in the teaching profession, imparted to us are the priceless knowledge and the valuable experiences, we'll cherish, we'll keep and we'll bring as our shield and weapon in pursuing our endevors. Ilang taon na nga ang ginugol natin --- sa ilan --- ng buong pagsisikap --- nakalulungkot mang isipin --- sa marami --- ng walang pagsasaalang-alang. At ngayon, sa di nalalayong hinaharap --- kanya-kanya na nating tatahakin ang bawat landas na ating pinili. "Tama, ito...
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