Speeding: Traffic Law and Privileges

Topics: Traffic law, Moving violation, Traffic ticket Pages: 48 (20228 words) Published: May 28, 2013
There are serious consequences of speeding. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes. NHTSA estimates that the annual economic cost to society of speeding-related crashes is $40.4 billion. In 2010, speeding was a contributing factor in 31 percent of all fatal crashes, and 32,885 lives were lost in speeding-related crashes. This equates to 90 fatalities per day in the United States. Speed-related traffic fatalities in New Jersey were 556 in 2010. The highest percentage of speed-related fatalities is attributed to drivers under the age of 20. The dangers of speeding are certainly well known to most drivers, either by getting a ticket for speeding from law enforcement or being part of an accident due to someone driving too fast or even having a loved one be a victim of excessive speeding. Speeding is the act or an instance of driving especially a motor vehicle faster than is allowed by law. Speeding occurs in 33% of all fatal accidents. Driving to fast is also the third leading contributing factor in traffic crashes. People speed because, they’re in a rush to get someplace. Maybe they're late for work or a date, or just trying to get home quicker to have more time to relax. They’re not paying attention to their driving. A lot of the time young drivers play their stereo's at very loud volumes. while they are driving down the road singing along to their favorite tunes, they tend to overlook the speeds their going. Most times they dont realize they are speeding until they either get caught behind a slow moving vehicle, get pulled og by a police officer or crash their vehice, because they lost control due to high speeds. They just don’t think the laws apply to them. They don’t think their driving is dangerous. Most men think this way. They think they are invinveable, that nothing bad can happen to them. They don’t think they will get caught speeding. There are many roads in California that are desolate. Where there are desolate roads, there are very few cops. That causes people to speed, because no one is around so they can't get caught. Take for instance the road from Barstow to Fort Irwin. It's about a 37 mile drive with nothing in sight. Many people speed on that road, because there are very few cops. There are 13,000 lives lost each year due to due to the careless and recklessness of speeding. Crashes where speed is an issue cost society more than $40 billion annually. Think it pays to speed? In the U.S.A. it costs society more than $76,000 for every minute you gain by speeding. Slow down in that school zone: many do not comply with a lower speed limit.Drivers under the influence speed more often, and drive more careless and reckless causing more and more accidents each year. Drivers who speed often don’t wear their seat belts, which is almost always fatal in car crashes. WIthout a seatbelt restraining you, you have nothing holding you down from being flipped, rolled, partially ejected, or fully ejected from the car. There are more men that speed than woman. 39% male drivers, age 15 -20 were speeding at the time of their fatal vehicle crash. Its not always the highways and freeways that people speed on. 47% on roads 50mph or less and more than 20% on roads 35mph or less. Speed is involved in about one out of three fatal crashes, according to NHTSA. It is the third leading contributing factor to traffic crashes. But while injuries and fatalities due to other dangerous behaviors, such as driving while impaired and not wearing seatbelts, have been significantly reduced, speeding is still a challenge. NHTSA defines a crash as speeding-related if the driver was charged with a speeding-related offense or if an officer indicated that racing, driving too fast for conditions, or exceeding the posted speed limit contributed to the crash. Speeding is often one of several risky factors in fatal crashes, because...
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