Speed of Sound

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The speed of sound is a traveled distance through a certain amount of time that uses sound waves that spreads through and elastic medium. It usually depends on the temperature to which how fast it travels; speed of sound is increased when temperature increases. Frequency and wave length deals with determining the speed of sound. Speed of sound is inversely proportional to that of the wave length. In other words, if the velocity increases to a higher speed, then the wave length decreases in size.

A series of different instruments were used in determining the speed of sound in this experiment. This included a frequency meter, a signal generator, a speaker, a microphone, and an oscilloscope. Each had its own purpose in measuring the speed of sound. Specified values were used in this experiment.

Instrument| Manufacturer| Model No.| Range| Least Count| Oscilloscope| B and K Precision| 1472c| 0-15MHz| 1Hz|
Frequency meter| Daedalon Co.| N/A| 20Hz-2MHz| .001 Hz| Signal generator| EMCO| SS-1| 20Hz-2MHz| 5Hz|
Speaker| Western Electronics| S05433A| N/A| N/A|
Microphone| Western Electronics| S06F43A| N/A| N/A|
Hollow tube| N/A| N/A| 1m| 1mm|
Metric Ruler| Science Kit Industrial| N/A| 1m| 1mm|
Figure 1

The signal generator, which can be set at different frequencies, sends a signal to the speaker. The exact frequency will be shown on the frequency meter. The speaker then sends out sounds waves that vibrate back and forth inside a tube. In this tube also contains a microphone. From then, the microphone picks up this signal and directs it to the oscilloscope. The oscilloscope varies in different shapes from moving the microphone back and forth inside the tube. When the shape is a...
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