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Course Specification
ENG 310
Speech Workshop
Institution:: King Khalid University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia College/Department: Faculty of languages and translation, Department of English A Course Identification and General Information
1. Course title and code: ENG 310 (Speech Workshop)
2. Credit hours: 2 hours
3. Program(s) in which the course is offered.
(If general elective available in many programs indicate this rather than list programs) B.A. in English
4. Name of faculty member responsible for the course:

5. Level/year at which this course is offered: 5th level/third year. 6. Pre-requisites for this course (if any): ENG215

7. Co-requisites for this course (if any): NONE

8. Location if not on main campus

B Objectives
1. Summary of the main learning outcomes for students enrolled in the course.

This is an advance course in developing speech skills that takes the means of practical workshops as the prime medium of training the student to achieve aims of the course. Such a course provides the students with major speech skills needed for future jobs like; teaching, public relations, da'wah, … etc. 2. Briefly describe any plans for developing and improving the course that are being implemented. (eg increased use of IT or web based reference material, changes in content as a result of new research in the field) Students are recommended to make use of the websites relevant to their topics. Students enrolled for the course are advised to assess the material available on these websites. student are exposed to outstanding specimens of speeches by distinguished local and international speakers. Selected classroom presentations can be video-recorded, then watched evaluated by the students. C. Course Description (Note: General description in the form to be used for the Bulletin or Handbook should be attached)

1 Topics/Items/Units to be Covered

No. of
Contact hours

1-Where do you want to ?


2- 2,4,6,8,- how do you communicate?


3- When you feel the fear…


4- Confidence matters


5- The main objective


6-Know your audience

7- Words, words, words

8-When you come to the end

9-Curtain up!

10-Selecting and using visual aids

11- Designing effective visual aids

12- Setting the scene

13-Question and answer sessions

14- Personal presentation


2 Course components (total contact hours per semester): 30 hours Lecture:
30 hours

3. Additional private study/learning hours expected for students per week. (This should be an average :for the semester not a specific requirement in each week) Two hours per week for completing their homework and browsing the internet.

4. Development of Learning Outcomes in Domains of Learning For each of the domains of learning shown below indicate:
A brief summary of the knowledge or skill the course is intended to develop; A description of the teaching strategies to be used in the course to develop that knowledge or skill; The methods of student assessment to be used in the course to evaluate learning outcomes in the domain concerned. a. Knowledge

(i) Description of the knowledge to be acquired
providing the students with the information needed for enabling them to deliver public speeches.
- obtaining the knowledge that help them realize the structure and functions of different genres of oral discourse.

(ii) Teaching strategies to be used to develop that knowledge Lectures
training the students to conduct debates, interviews, … etc. Exposing the students to outstanding specimens of speeches by distinguished local and international speakers.
Helping the students to incorporate audiovisual means in order to enhance their speech presentations.
(iii) Methods of assessment of knowledge acquired
3 major presentations: 30%
1 workshop...

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Lloyd M. Hulit, Merle R. Howard, ~ Allyn & Bacon. (2005). Born to Talk : An Introduction to Speech and Language Development (4th Edition). ISBN: 0205453317
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Pub, Frederick F. (1979). How to Hold an Audience in the Hollow of Your Hand: Seven Techniques for Starting Your Speech, Eleven Techniques for Keeping It Rolling. Art Fettig, ISBN: 0811903222
4-.Electronic Materials, Web Sites etc
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