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Speech the Effects of Smokeles

Oct 08, 1999 465 Words
Smokeless Tobacco

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will know about smokeless tobacco and the risks involved with using smokeless tobacco products.
Central Idea: Smokeless tobacco poses many threats to the health of its users.
Introduction: Using smokeless tobacco is nothing to smile about. It’s a habit that can ruin your health and your life. It’s as addictive as cigarettes and twice as dangerous. And there’s a very good chance you will get cancer. if you use it, stop now. If you don’t use it, don’t start! Using smokeless tobacco is not only devastating to your personal health, plainly, it is a nasty habit. Spitting just isn’t a classy or attractive habit. Face it, Smokeless tobacco poses many threats to the health of its users.

I. What is smokeless tobacco?
A. Chewing tobacco is made from twisted or shredded leaves of the tobacco plant. 1. Chewing tobacco is usually treated with molasses and other flavors or additives. 2. Users place a wad of tobacco in the mouth and chew or suck the chemicals (nicotine) out. B. Snuff or Dip is finally grounded tobacco into a coarse, moist mixture. 1. Snuff is used in little pinches

2. Snuff is placed between the cheek and gum.
C. Both chewing tobacco and dip contain nicotine and other carcinogenic chemicals. II. What does smokeless tobacco do?
A. First of all, it increases saliva production (bad incidence story). B. The nicotine causes the user to become addicted.
C. The smokeless tobacco causes a buzz and lightheadedness (personal account). D. Some users feel it is a stress reliever or relaxer (Interviewee’s comments). E. The habit also dulls the senses particularly in the mouth and nose. III. There are numerous heath risks involved with smokeless tobacco. A. A variety of mouth problems persist with smokeless tobacco users. 1. Bad breath, tooth decay, and gingivitis (inflammation and Recession of gums) are all potential risks. 2. Leukoplakia is an early sign of cancer.

B. Mouth and gum cancer are prevalent with tobacco users.
1. 9,000 Victims die each year from mouth cancer.
2. Chances of cancer are increased 50 times by users.
C. Using smokeless tobacco poses a threat for the cardiovascular system as well. 1. It causes increased blood pressure.
2. It causes increased heart rate or a sporadic heart beat. 3. It causes increased level of certain fats in the blood which might lead to clogged arteries.
Conclusion: Now that you all have learned more about smokeless tobacco and the many health risks involved with it, you can make the right decisions. If you use it, stop. If you don’t use it, don’t start.

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