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Topics: Muhammad, Islamabad, 1995 albums Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: April 14, 2015
Who Can Change the Future of Pakistan and How
دل کے ہے اندر تیرا ہے پیار، تجھ پر ہے یہ جان نثار، تیرا جو غم ہے وہ میرا ہے غم، تیری خوشی ہے بہار، ہے تیری جو جیت میری وہ جیت، تیری ہار میں میری ہار ہے.

Dear Sir, Faculty and Students:
Pakistan needs change, change of leaders, change of politics, change go education system, change of every one’s inner self, change of our minds and change of whole country culture. God has said that he never changes those, who do not want to change themselves. Terrorism will destroy our who nation and our who country if we don’t will to root out it. Corruption will suck the whole blood of our bodies if we are ready yet to abolish it. I remember still the words of Peshawar Public School victims:

قبروں میں نہیں ہم کو کتابوں میں اتارو، ہم لوگ محبت کی کہانی میں مرے ہیں.

Dear Sir,
We are not honest, not sincere, we are corrupt, we are disobedient, we are not diligent and we don’t love our country. That’s why we are backward and un-developing in the world. We are not united as one nation, and we are not still wake up. The great thing in the world is not much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. We are wasting our time, wasting our energy, wasting our money on unnecessary and useless things. There is recommendation favoritism and wealth instead of merit. کون کہتا ہے جنگل کا قانون ختم ہو گیا، ابھی میرے دیس کے لیڈر زندہ ہیں، ابھی میرے دیس کی سیاست باقی ہے.

Dear Audience:
Alexander Pope said that charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul:

ابھی تک پائوں سے چمٹی ہیں زنجیریں غلامی کی، دن آجاتا ہے آزادی کا، آزادی نہیں آتی.

اس شہر میں مزدور جیسا در بدر کوئی نہیں، جس نے سب کے گھر بنائے اُس کا کوئی گھر نہیں.

Merit will change our country, merit will eradicate common people problems, merit will provide justice and merit will develop Pakistan economically, socially and politically. Pakistan is not a poor county; its billions of dollars are in foreign banks. If we use that money, than it is equal to...
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