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Topics: Psychology, Anxiety, Fear Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: September 16, 2009
I would like to write this reaction paper base on the speech presentation that I gave on Wed Feb 27 on Emotion. I was conquering my fear through the whole presentation. I think that is the most frighten thing: speech followed by death. Thus, in a funeral, 9 out of 10 are rather laying down in the coffin than speaking behind the podium! Unfortunately, I am also a one that fears to give speech more than death. Therefore, through this presentation, I hope I can conquer the speaking anxiety and improve my speech style as well. Speech nervousness includes physiological and psychological anxiety. Physiological anxiety is defined as bodily responses to a perceived threat to a perceived threat, including heart rate, adrenaline rush. On the other hand, psychological anxiety means the mental stress about a perceived threat. I felt the nervousness when I was stand in front of a class facing a group of people - sweaty palms, a dry mouth, weak knees, shaky hands and butterflies in my stomach. I was frightened because I had never spoken in front of an audience this large before. I prepared my presentation, but my confidence level was still very low. I wish I can have a podium to hide behind; my knees were shaking with nervousness. Before taking this course, when I looked at presentation, I didn’t think much to it or vaguely had ideas of various aspects to a speech. I just listened to them and thought they were nice or bad based on broad and unstructured form of grading. But now I’m more consciously aware of different skills of speech and evaluate whenever somebody speaks in front of me. After I gave my presentation I am aware of some of the aspects of speech such as intonation, filler words, mid phrase pausing and etc. Now I understand very well what definitions of those are and how they affect the presentation. Let consider each important field to speech and how they specifically influence the overall impression of presentation. Loudness is important in giving...
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