Speech Outline

Topics: Chemical warfare, Hydrogen cyanide, Poison Pages: 4 (485 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Ayrnan Hernandez 
Speech Outline 
COM 110, Section 25 
Chad Woolard 
Speech Outline 
Introduction: Do you find yourself not having as much energy during the week as you  use to during high school? Are you easily more irritated than normal? Are you feeling  down more often than before? All these functions are based off of chemicals and I am  here to talk to you about chemical warfare. 

Preview Statement: What is Chemical warfare, how chemical warfare works, and the  advantages and disadvantages of chemical warfare. 
I: What is Chemical Warfare 
A: Definition of chemical warfare 
1: warfare with asphyxiating, poisonous, or corrosive gases, oil flames, etc.
2:Munitions and Agents
B: Types of chemicals used in chemical warfare.
a: Choking agents such Chlorine and phosgene cause injury to the lung-blood barrier which doesn’t allow proper gas exchange and leads to Asphyxia.
b: Blood Agents such as Hydrogen Cyanide and Arsine are metabolic poisons that interfere with the life-sustaining processes of blood which prevent gas exchange with the blood and leads to death.

Transition: That is what chemical warfare is, and I will move on to how it works.
II: How chemical warfare works
A: First how chemical weapons are deployed.
a: Dispersion technique is the act of placing the chemical agent onto or near the target before dissemination or the act of spreading. Bombs, Projectiles, and spray tanks
b: Thermal dissemination is the act of spreading the agent through explosive or pyrotechnic means.
B: How is chemical warfare effective
a: The chemicals can react with food supplies and water supplies and render them useless and dangerous for the local population.
b: These weapons can be used to get people in hard to reach areas and flush them out from hiding.
Transition: Concludes how chemical warfare works and now I will move on the advantages and disadvantages.
III: Advantages and Disadvantages of chemical warfare
A: Advantages of chemical warfare.
a: The...

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