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Writing Folio-Persuasive
I wrote this speech for the group of American University students that were to attend this lecture to inspire them to commit if they want to succeed. I was performing this speech with the intention of making a few people that have a high potential of succeeding as they go to a top university, fulfill their potential. I didn’t want any more people failing in life and not succeeding at what they wanted to do and then not knowing why. I showed the students that commitment leads to success using examples such as the economic growth of China and the commitment that makes Lance Armstrong successful. I kept the speech relatively short as inspirational speakers often make their speeches shorter to make themselves more interesting to the audience and not lose the power of their points. I used assertive in phrases such as “never going to happen” and “you must”. I didn’t include any points that would show what happens if you don’t commit and succeed so the speech stays positive and upbeat.

If you commit to something you will succeed.
Today we have the honor of having the famous speaker Edward Kroos come to talk to us. Recently he has been touring around America and has been giving speeches to various Ivy League Universities, and today he will be talking on the topic of how commitment brings success. Please give him a warm welcome.

Thank you, thank you. As you just heard today I want to talk to you about how commitment and success are linked together and if you truly commit to something you are guaranteed to succeed. Now, put your hands up if you want to become successful. I see that’s all of you, good ‘coz you shouldn’t be here if you don’t. However I doubt most of you really “want” to succeed, you’ll just take it if it’s offered to you and you don’t have to go to far out of your way to get it. I’ll tell you now, that’s never going to happen, success is not handed to you on a silver platter, you have to really work to be able to succeed, that’s the way life works. Nothing comes for free.

Are there any Economics students in here? Tell me, which country is currently booming with wealth and still rising? That’s right, it’s China. Now let me tell you how incredibly hard every single one of these Chinese millionaires worked to be able to rise so high and become so successful in a country with 1.3 billion people in it. They would give themselves a goal, and they’d then commit themselves to that goal and want to succeed more than they wanted to eat, more than they wanted to sleep, more than they wanted to breath! This is the level of commitment you have to show if you really want to become successful, or you might as well leave it.

This is a quote from Lance Armstrong; "Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever." Lance Armstrong is an incredibly hard worker, one of the hardest workers of all time. When Lance Armstrong sets himself a goal he will commit to that goal like no one else would. He wouldn’t sleep for 2 days straight while preparing for the Tour de France. His commitment to what he does is the reason why he is the best at what he does.

Now, I didn’t come out here today for nothing, so if some of your didn’t listen to this whole speech, I guess that’s your loss. However you must take one thing out of this if you really want to succeed. If you commit, if you endure everything that they throw at you, you WILL be successful. If you never give up, something will come from it. Hard work is rewarded. Thank you for listening.

Commitment- Expository piece
Explanation: I based my expository piece on an interview I invented based on Kobe Bryant’s recent improvement in the NBA. For a long time Kobe Bryant has been the best basketball player in the league however recently he has somehow been improving. It is a very interesting concept as even...
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