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General Purpose: To in form others about the different kinds of snowboards Specific Purpose: To inform others about the different kinds of snowboards and where the different snowboards are best used on the mountain and what kind of riding you would do on that particular board.

Title: The snowboard learners guide

Introduction: Many people decide that they are going to start to snowboard and they go out and waste 300-500 dollars on a snowboard that either does not fit them or does not fit their riding style. If you ever decide to snowboard one day this speech could save you a ton of money. Knowing the difference differences, pros and cons between all the types of snowboards that are available today can help you and your wallet in the long run.

In order to do that we first need to know what types of snowboards are available. We will learn about all mountain boards, freestyle boards, and race boards.

Body: One of the types of snowboards is the free ride board or all mountain board. This type of board is the most popular type. Free ride boards account for over half of all snowboard sales. They are good for park and half pipe it also can glide through powder with ease. These snowboards have a directional shape, meaning that the nose of the board is different than the tail. Additionally the boards are offset to make the riding stance to be closer to the back of the board. But they can also be ridden in the fakie stance which means your right foot is forward on the board instead of your left. The next most common board type is freestyle also known as a park board.

Park boards are usually wider and much more stable. The reason for this is because it is necessary for it to be wider because its easier to maintain balance while on a rail or a box. This type of board is also shorter and lighter to make it easier to do tricks catch air and be more maneuverable on the rails. These qualities make the board easier to control and it is very responsive which is why...
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