Speech on Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription Drug Abuse
Brenda DeRolf
* Today I will talk about the growing problem of prescription drug abuse, some common drugs that cause abuse, their effects and some common treatments.

Have you ever taken a prescription drug other than prescribed, or that wasn’t yours? Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing problem in the U.S. right now. PDA is the intentional use of a medication without a prescription, or in a way other than prescribed, or for feelings it causes. My name is Brenda and today I will talk about the most common drugs that cause addiction, their effects on health and lifestyle, and some common treatments. I have a close family member with this problem and have done extensive research and talked to many health professionals. *

The most common drugs that cause prescription drug abuse.

Opioids: prescribed for pain relief. include vicodin, oxycontin, Demerol. Nsduh estimates 1.9 million people in us meet abuse or dependence criteria for prescription opioids CNS depressants: prescribed for anxiety, panic attack, or sleep problems. Include valium, Xanax, nembutol Stimulants: prescribed for attention deficit and obesity include Ritalin, adderall

How this addiction affects your life and your health.
How it affects your lifestyle. Cause problems at work, home ,school, and in relationships, leaving you feeling isolated, helpless, or ashamed. You lie, steal money/drugs. Us dept of health & human services reports nearly 3 million teens & young adults (12-25) become new abusers of pres drugs How it affects your health. Long term use can lead to physical dependence and addiction. Can cause drowsiness, constipation, depress breathing, slow down brain function. Unintentional over dose deaths involving prescription drugs have quadrupled since 2002 and now outnumber those from heroin and cocaine combined according to national institute on drug abuse

The treatments for prescription drug abuse.
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