Speech on Gambling

Topics: Problem gambling, Addiction Pages: 4 (972 words) Published: December 30, 2010
Good Morning Judges, my topic is gambling and the effects that it has on families. I chose this theme because when gambling problems are thought of in society the attention is often geared towards the emotions of the gambler but not a lot of attention is placed on the family who unfairly tend to suffer as much as the gambler himself.

Gambling is the attempt to gain money, goods or service without an equal commitment to mutual exchange. In this sense, one must lose for another to gain. These are the words of Garth Minott quoted in the gleaner Sunday, October 26, 2008. This statement holds true to the old saying that gambling is the easiest way to get nothing out of something. Supreme Ventures Limited is the main gaming company in Jamaica offering games such as Lotto, Cash Pot, Lucky 5, Dollaz, Pick 3 and the newly introduced Super Lotto. These games are strategically devised to appeal to the buyer and obviously this is done when the jackpot prize for lotto is currently at 41,000,000 and that for superlotto is 341,000,000. This is clearly screaming that all this money can be yours for a small price of $50.00. Looking from the surface this seems like the easiest way to gain money and have a steady income of cash without the need to even break a sweat. The average man does not realize that those who do become successful from gambling are a very small minority.

Financial Effects

The most commonly associated problem with gambling is the loss of money. As access to money becomes more limited gamblers often resort to crime to pay debts, maintain appearances and garner more money to gamble. Involvement with loan sharks is also common with problem gamblers. This puts the gambler’s family at danger because most loan sharks are often ruthless in getting back their money by any means possible. Houses, cars and other valuable possessions are also sold in an attempt to pay off debts.

Social Effects

According to the National Opinion Research Center....
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