Speech on Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Philosophy, Morality Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: September 29, 2011

I feel as though people take the word “ethics” and abuse it. People say things are ethical based on a belief that they personal have. They tell people that it’s ethical to be against gay-marriage. I think that that is completely false, and an ignorant statement. What is actually unethical is telling someone who they can and cannot marry. The beliefs in ethics can come from all sorts of places. They are passed down from outside people like family, friends, political parties, and religion. I believe that Ethics is a false word. It’s a word that was placed on “rules” that are supposed to be life lessons. It’s something that can never be described because it doesn’t exist to everyone. Ethics are made up in each individuals mind. Back on the topic of Gay Marriage, it is definitely just an idea. Why do we even call it “gay” marriage? Political powers places the word gay before marriage to point out that it’s different. Society tries to place in everyone’s minds that it is not okay to be different, and it is sure to make it obvious when things are. In a religious sense, some religions try to say it’s unethical to be gay because you will go to hell. In my opinion, if God does truly exist, things like that would never be said. According to religion God will come down and judge his people on Judgment Day, so why is it up for religious leaders to say otherwise? In some cases, like gay marriage, ethics are placed upon subjects that have no right to be judged. A lot of the time ethics and morals are thought up by ignorant people who think they know what is right versus what’s wrong. I don’t really believe in the work of ethic. I don’t think that anyone is allowed to make a rule of guidelines, at least in a personal sense, to control the rest of society’s views. I can understand making laws to protect people, and the ethics of compassion, but I can never understand how people can replace the word judgment with ethics. There is a huge difference between being...
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