Speech on: Effects of Support for a Teenage Mom

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Mother, Family Pages: 4 (994 words) Published: July 12, 2012
Title: “Teen Bras”


Exact Purpose: After listening attentively to my speech, the audience will understand the necessary support that must be given in order for a teenage mother to succeed. With collaboration of her mother, members of the community, and some financial stand, she will be able to better herself.


* Attention Grabber-close your eyes imagine (your 13 yr old little sister-or a young teenage girl close to you- comes to you with that look in her eyes. The look that says “I really need to talk”. ) * Discuss various possibilities of what she needs to talk about before arriving at pregnancy. * Audience Motivation- Teen Mothers: Maya Angelou, Fantasia, Janet Wright; Children of teen parents: Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey * Crediblity- personal experience as a teen mother

* Purpose- To inform the audience with knowledge of the support that goes into helping a teen parent succed * Preview- three main points
* Parents/ family
* Teachers/ community
* Internal

[Transition- Teenage girls need support in order to succeed especially after having a child. It is a communal effort not individual. I will now discuss the three components of a teenage mothers success.]

I. There are three main factors in that make up a teen bra. A. A bra is made up of three main components.
1. The fabrics can be looked at as the family.
2. The stuffing, or lining, can considered the community. 3. The clasp is the teen mother’s inner determination. B. They all work together and are important to creating an optimal bra that gives great support.

[Transition- Now that I have explained how the bra system works I will discuss each part individually and how important they all can be to the success of a teen mother.]

II. Each component has its own special role in the success of the teen mom and the raising of the child. If done together, the child has endless...
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