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My role model
We all know what role model means but for those whodon’t know: Role model can be any one, it could be a person, animal, bird etc. these are the one who completely changes the way of living of someone. They are extremely unique and have an extraordinary bond between each other. Who can be your role model? I know it is very difficult to decide our role model because many people in our life have done something special for us. It’s not so that everyone should have a role model in his or her life. A person can lead their lives by living a normal life i.e. he/she can be his/her own role model. Now if we talk about me i.e. SALONI MATHUR then yes, I do have a role model who is as great as Lord. They bought me into the real existence of my life. They gave me a very enthuastic or enriched start of my life. Their name that exists into my life is termed as “Gurus of Peace”. They helped me to proceed to a path that till now led to success and I believe always will. They helped me to believe in myself and proved what all I could be. I am lucky and happy to have such an amazing set of parents. They are the real creator of my life Now after so much of sayings and setting examples of my creation you must have understood the importance of them in my life. I am mature enough to understand the situations and the gifts that god has given me. I will always respect such an aware some set of parents whom I would like to live till centuries….. Written by: Saloni Mathur, Std. 8th A

When I was in the examination hall
I heard some one’s call
It said “ALL THE BEST”
For your difficult test
My test was easy
But it made me little busy
I was tensed
For a second
But the answer was solved
With my attention involved
My answer were short and sweet
And at last I did it
This is the speciality
And the best quality
A person should have just like

Now a days, there is very much progress in science. Some...
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