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Can any of you name great people who have contributed to the society? What are the things we would not have right now, this very moment if they never existed? Could you imagine the world without Gandhi’s words and teachings? Could you imagine how many more people would need healing in their lives if it weren’t for mother Teresa, there would still be a lot of people who lacked faith and must be ill right now. We wouldn’t have The Beatles and be able to have millions of people sing to their songs. Could you imagine if these famous people got aborted? Could you imagine if their mothers didn’t want to keep them?

Oh, Hitler? Do you think the world would have been better off if he was aborted? Do you think that the evil people in our world should have been aborted instead? Well, it was never a matter of keeping the child or not


A child upon conception already has its rights because every human being has that. What gives to two people or at least the woman, the mother the right to put an end to the life of her innocent offspring? What gives an abortionist the right to sentence one’s life? Is abortion our license to promiscuity? Our carelessness? Our ticket to sinfulness?

Pagkakaroon ng masamang tao ng mundo, hindi yun ang sagot – taking care of our children, instilling the right values.

People claim that it’s a woman’s right whether not to have a child. But how about the right of the unborn who was conceived not by his or her will? but by the will brought about by the passion and desire of a couple his or her supposed to be parents who made the act obviously that would bring about a child.

Now, let me show you some video presentations about how certain abortions are done.

The mere fact of having to look for videos like these or even the simplest text that I could read about what abortion is and how it is done could really be heartbreaking. To be able to see a child being clasped by tools and being pulled out of a woman’s vagina – how? Why would you ever do such a thing? Why take an innocent child’s life? It would have been better if there was no life formed in the first place. But the fact is – truth is, a child was conceived! And you should have thought of the consequences of your actions and thought – “If I get pregnant, I’ll keep the baby.” Or “There’s no way I’m ever getting an abortion.”

To the young people who have gotten pregnant and decided to keep the baby and take all the consequences that come with being pregnant at an early age – I salute you. Of course it is not because it is right that you have gotten pregnant at such a young age because that itself is wrong – but it’s because you were responsible enough to decide to keep the baby – whether you were ready to have him or not. Now if you really don’t want the baby, just go through nine months – keep him. Wait till he could already be born then, give him up for adoption or something else. what matters is, you do not take his life. You are not the one who decides if he lives or if he doesn’t. I even somehow doubt that if a mother who goes through those nine months of carrying a baby within her and wasn’t ready at first or have considered having an abortion – after those nine long months, wouldn’t you be excited enough to see your baby? Be excited to hold your baby in your arms? Giving birth is a huge sacrifice for a woman. You go through so much. Freedom to do a lot of things are taken away from you as your baby grows inside your womb. Then, you’ll have to undergo labor and all the pain that comes with it? you just have to take them all – why give up now that he’s about to see the world and someday, thank you for going through all those just to keep him … just to have him.

Now, all those people I’ve mentioned earlier, could you imagine what could have happened if they weren’t born? What if the Virgin Mary got so frustrated by the fact that she’s pregnant and didn’t want to have a baby yet? She could have allowed herself to be...
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