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Speech of a Video About Arranged Marriages

By Gracie1 Feb 29, 2012 345 Words
9. Instructions:
• Watch the following video:

• After watching the video, discuss the questions below:

a. What are the disadvantages/advantages of arranged marriages?

b. Do you think western cultures should respect the tradition of arranged marriages or should intervene to end it?

c. Do you think it is possible to be happy in an arranged marriage? Why or why not?

• In your contributions, use the following structures: a. At least one sentence using a modal or modal-like expression to express degrees of certainty.

Good night teacher and partners, this is …… and this is my journal of arranged marriage.

As we have watched on the video this kind of arranged marriage exists nowadays. For our Western culture it could sound something terrible, but not for the Middle East, that is very common.

Of course in the opinion of the people from Western or Middle East there are many advantages and disadvantages: I will mention only 2, by each one. In the advantage arranged marriages opinion, people think first, that the risk of incompatibility is diminished and second, the idea of divorcing is unthinkable. So, on the other hand the 2 points of view for disadvantage arranged marriages are: first, the inability to make up one’s own mind and second the love is not the priority. Now:

These are 2 general opinion from others, like the video- homework and internet -readings, but in my personal opinion I agree in the possibility of a couple might be happy in an arranged marriage, because as all we know if elders have choose the couple for their children, this choice is going to be an excellent match. The reason is so simple. They have the experience and the wisdom to take a decision like that. They know what the best is, for next generation. So, thanks for listening and I will see you soon.

b. At least one sentence using one form of the present, one using a form of the past, and one using a form of the future.

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