Speech of Introduction

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Special Occasion Speech-The Speech of Introduction

Name ______________________

Class Time ____________________

I. Introduction

A.Acknowledge the Audience & Occasion: Good Morning foreign exchange students of Auburn University. I would like to welcome all of you to Auburn University’s first annual Foreign Exchange Student seminar

B. Attention Getter: Our speaker for today is smart, dedicated, and multi-talented young lady.

C.Thesis/Preview: It is my pleasure to do the honor of introducing all of you to Qin. I will inform you about her introspection on being a foreign exchange student, and her passion and interest for painting.

II. Body (Establish Speaker’s Credibility)

A. Foreign Exchange:
1) Qin is a part of the 1-2-1 program where she will be able to receive two degrees from each Troy University and Yun Nan University in China. 2) Qin is currently on her second year of college.

3) Qin enjoys being an international student, and her reasons for why are to visit America and experience the extravagant American lifestyle. 4) Qin also enjoys the traveling to and from America (All 20 hours of it) 5) Although there are many hardships of being a foreign exchange student and English being her 2nd language, she loves the experience and suggests you make lots and lots of friends but most importantly to work hard and study hard.

Transition: Now that I have examined Qin’s insights on being a Foreign exchange student, I will now contemplate on her love for painting.

B. Painting
1) Qin is a very talented and dedicated painter
2) In high school, she was an important member to the Art Club for 2 years 3) Her most substantial moment of being a painter was winning her high schools Art Show for Painting when she was a senior. 4) She loved painting so much that she received a job as a Painting teacher so that she could devote her...
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