Speech of Antony

Topics: Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: March 17, 2014
Mark Antony's speech at the funeral of Julius Caesar gave off a tone of respect and appreciation toward Brutus through use of his specific diction. However, the tone is sarcastic and suggestive. Antony makes reference several times to Brutus being an honorable man. After repetition, the word honorable loses it's significance and become more of a joke. Not only does it lose it's significance, but it is also mocking Brutus by discrediting what he had said. Mark Antony's word choice throughout his speech is a matter of life or death. His suggestive speech allows him to keep his life while still getting his message to his audience.

Brutus agrees to allow Mark Antony speak. He does however, speak before Antony, as Brutus is an excellent orator himself. Brutus also gives Antony strict instructions to not speak poorly of any conspirators. Antony may only speak of the good of Caesar. Brutus speaks to show the reason for Caesar's death. He says how Caesar had to die for the good of Rome. And if the necessity of his own death were to arise for the good of Rome, then he would give himself the same fate. Brutus also speaks of Caesar's ill-willed ambition, in this case ambition is used in place of greed and selfishness. Despite being internally joyous of caesar's death, Brutus shows sympathy and respect towards him. He tells the crowd of Caesar's valiancy and that for his valiancy he honors him. However he calls Caesar ambitious, in this context, ambitious being greedy, corrupt, and more worried about himself rather than his people. Brutus continues by saying that all was done for the good of Rome, which is his main reason for validating Caesar's death. Then he goes on to use Mark Antony as an example. Brutus says that Mark Antony, although not being a part of the murder of Caesar, will benefit from his death, just as all other Romans will benefit. The reaction by the citizens in the audience is used to show the effectiveness of Brutus' speech. The citizens respond by...
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