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Speech Mechanism Or Production of speech
            Language has a very important social purpose, because it is mainly used for linguistic communication. It can be used in two ways. It can be spoken or written. But the medium of speech is more important than the medium of writing. Linguistic is a systematic study of language. Phonetics is a branch of Linguistics and it is branch dealing with the medium of speech. It deals with the production, transmission and reception of the sounds of human speech. Now we discuss ‘speech Mechanism’ in a depth.

  What is Speech Mechanism:-
            For the production of speech sounds we need an air-stream. The air that flows out of mouth is modified speech sounds by the action of certain organs of our body. The speech sounds don’t come automatically. For the articulation of most speech sounds of most language, lung-air is used. This air is modified into speech sound by the operation various speech organs which is known as ‘air stream Mechanism’ or ‘speech Mechanism.

  Air stream Mechanism:-
            As we know an air stream is the basis of speech sounds because for the production of speech sounds, we need an air stream. This air stream is produced by an air stream mechanism. There are three main air stream mechanisms: (1) Pulmonic (2) Glottalic and (3) Velaric air stream mechanism.             The pulmonic air-stream mechanism: The pulmonic air-stream mechanism consists of the lung and respiratory muscles. The walls of lungs act as initiator. They are moved so the air is drawn into and pushed out. When this system pushes air out, it is known as ‘egressive’. When this system is used to draw air in, it is ‘ingressive’. Most of the languages use a pulmonic egressive air stream mechanism. A pulmonic ingressive air stream is used but no language sounds are produced. We use this air stream mechanism for yawning and snoring.

            Glottalic air-stream mechanism: The second air-stream mechanism is Glottalic...
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