Speech: Individual Retirement Account and Retirement Saving Strategies

Topics: Individual Retirement Account, Pension, Investment Pages: 3 (767 words) Published: February 13, 2015
CST 100

Topic: Financial Planning for your Future.

General Purpose: To inform.

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about how small sacrifices today can result in huge dividends in retirement.

Central Idea: To inform the audience of the power of saving small amounts of money for the future and how compound interest works in their favor when they start saving as soon as possible.


I. Attention-getter: Who wants to be a millionaire? With the proper planning, you or your children can be!!!

II. Relating the topic to the audience: Everyone is faced with the prospect of living their “golden” years without a paycheck. Social Security will very likely NOT be available to people currently younger than 40 and if it does survive will not be a significant amount to live on. How we prepare NOW can determine whether we are world travelers or Wal-Mart greeters.

III. Speech Preview: Today I will show how anyone can have a rewarding future by making small and often unnoticed sacrifices currently. Specifically, I will discuss retirement saving strategies including 401K matching programs from employees and IRA’s. First I will discuss the expediency of saving at an early age.


I. Main Point: When to start saving for retirement?

A. Sub-point: The earlier the better. Due to the exponential nature of compound interest the longer the money remains the more significant the growth. According to USAA, “The earlier you start saving, the more time you have to build wealth. Even small monthly contributions allow your money to yield better results over time than if you start saving at a later age.” (Show Visual)

B. Sub-point: It’s never too late to start saving for retirement. The problem is the longer you wait the more impact on your budget due to having to save a higher percentage of your current income.

Transition: (Next, I will discuss the various ways to save for retirement.)

II. Main Point: Different...

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