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I'd like to start off by thanking everyone for taking the time to come out here today to learn about the importance of health and fitness and what helps to maintain that healthy wellness. So thank you once again and now for the topic at hand, which of course is health but not only health but also about the ones who help spread the word of the importance it is to maintain that healthy lifestyle. So let's give a warm applause to those physical educators, instructors, trainers, etc. all those who go beyond and above to help educate the population on the importance of having a strong healthy body. They have contributed so much to the community, by teaching individuals about the five main health components of the body, cardio respiratory endurance, body composition, muscular strength and endurance and flexibility. They have let people know the true importance of those five components, by for example informing them on how by maintain body composition will help to keep your body at the correct weight will help to increase the chances of avoiding unwanted health problems such as diabetes and heart problems.

They have also helped to create programs to help better the people on getting in shape and staying fit. These programs that have helped them to strengthen their muscles and endurance so they can handle more and endure more for longer periods of time.; programs that have helped to increase their cardio respiratory endurance, which means they have more energy and can do tasks for longer periods of time. Sharing and letting people know that by working out and eating right they can gain more energy to handle their daily tasks throughout their day and also by working out they have gained a way to relieve their stress. But this is not the only thing, they have created different events to help our cause and to promote health and fitness by creating different events that have gotten people to be active and to move about.

They have done so much to promote health and...
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