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Identify and explain the major stages of group development in five or more paragraphs (p.223-236 Chapter: 10)

The major stages of group development are: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. The theory of these words symbolizing the stages of group development were based upon Tuckman’s (1965) model, which has been widely accepeted throughout the years. Further more, Wheelen and Hochberger (1996) was able to conduct research that proved Tuckmans theory on the stages of group development. Forming is “…the initial stage og group development during which people come to feel valued and accepted so that they identify with the group”(Verderber p. 233) Basically when a group is first brought together some of them may feel uncomfortable or shy of the new situation. For example when it was my first day at a new college I was nervious because I didn’t know anyone, when the teacher brought us into our study groups I was shy because I did not know anyone in the group, it was an uncomfortable situation. Anderson (1988) believes that during this stage it is critical to express positivity, an refrain from abrasive and disagreeable language. It is clear that active listening skills should be used to help aqquant the members of the group. Storming according to Verderber is , “…the stage of group development during which the group clarifies its goals and determines the roles each member will have in the group power structure.” (p. 233) If controlled this can be a very helpful stage in the groups development. However, when storming in a group is poor, it can really hurt the group from continuing. When a group does not storm it may lead to something called “groupthink” whuch us a deterioiration of mental efficency, reality testing, and moreal judgement. To avoid group think from being created it is ideal to have constructive disagreement, and avoid name calling. Norming according to Verderber is, “…the stage of group development during which the group solidifies its rules for behavior, especially those that relate ot how conflict will be managed.” (p. 234)As the group reaches this stage the standards and procedures of the group become clerar. This is when the members of the group comply with the norms and are clear with the standards of the group. Performing according to Verderber is, “the stage of group development when the skills, knowledge, and abilities of all members are combined to overcome obstacles and meet goals successfully.” (p. 235) This occurs once the members have formed social bonds, settled power issues, and developed their norms, however, they “get in the groove” becoming more effective at creative problem solving and task performance. When I was in a group this is when I started giving problem solving contributions, and kept the group on task by only talking about task related issues. This is the most important stage of group developelent. This is the stage when the group starts feeling comfortable with one another and free;y shares their information.

Adjourning according to verderber is, “…the stage of group development in which members assign meaning to what they have done and determine how to end or maintain interpersonal relations they have developed.” (p.235) A group might be brought together for one day or might be brought together for several years, however, all groups eventually come to an end. Keytons (1993) study of this phase points out two challenges that groups face, first groups need to reflect on the group by evaluating the experience they all shared. I know when I was in highschool at the end of the semester when our group came to a close we has a pizzia party. Which is what Keyton impied is important for the adjourning phrase of the group. Keyton believes it is important to have a termination ritual, which can be a small celebration with the group members. Keyton believes that such a ritual will affect what they have experienced and what expectations that will take with them to...
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