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Topics: Perception, Mind, Pain Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: December 4, 2014

Discovery captures the experience of finding or realising something for the first time or rediscovering something lost or forgotten. Discoveries can offer new understandings and renewed perceptions of people and places. The impact of discoveries can be transformative or rejuvenating for an individual. In my opinion, Robert Greys poems “Late Ferry” and “north coast town” and Shane Koyczans poem “To This Day” reveal that discovery has a large impact on the protagonists in a way that it provides both challenges and realisations.

Theme 1: Challenges
Para 1: Late Ferry
The theme of challenges is prevalent throughout Robert Grey’s poem ‘Late Ferry’. This is conveyed through the metaphor, “And out beyond the tomato stake patch of the yachts” tomato stakes are used to support tomatoes and keep them safe while they grow. Here there is juxtaposition between the yachts and the ferry – while the yachts stay in safety, ferry moves beyond safety. The metaphor suggests discovery requires courage to go into the unknown and to truly develop insight; one must step out of their comfort zone.

Para 2: North Coast Town
In Robert Grays poem “North Coast Town” a mental challenge is experienced. Negative connotations like “locked” and “closed” are used to show that the town and persona are insular. The persona finds difficulty in accepting the changes in his surroundings. Conflicting perceptions are a challenge throughout the poem. Greys memories of the old north coast town are conflicting with his new perceptions of the town. This suggests that there are not just physical but also mental obstacles in the process of discovery.

Para 3: To This Day
In a similar aspect a challenge is experienced in the poem 'To This Day' which portrays a young students struggle with verbal abuse through his lifetime. As a child growing up the persona creates a negative perspective of the quote "sticks and...
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