Speech : Emily Feeney

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The Emily Feeney Award
Emily Feeney, where to begin, Emily Feeney was an inspirational girl who lived amongst us with cystic fibrosis, however this did not taint the spirit that made Emily the fun-loving, full of life, beautiful young lady that radiated kindness that she was known as to those who were lucky enough to have met her. Although I was extremely unfortunate to have not met Emily in person, this did not stop me feeling that through this award ceremony I have got to know her through the lasting impact that she has clearly imprinted on all of our hearts. This award was set up in 2008 by the leaving cert prefects; it celebrates and honours the life that Emily led and all the qualities that she possessed. The girl that has been chosen today represents these qualities and I cannot begin to the express the honour it is to have received this award. It is not only a privilege to be placed in the same category as the generosity that Emily was known for in school alone but this award goes past that school gate. I am currently studying Marketing in DCU and I hugely take part in collage life,( every aspect of it, that is!!) During the first week of collage we got the opportunity to sign up to all the clubs and societies that we wanted, all sports, the tea society, style society, enterprise society and so on, but there was one society that really made me proud of achieveing this award and that society was RAG society (which means raising and giving). It occurred to me that although I was out of school life out of my comfort zone and out of galway that this special award made me believe that by giving that little extra that Emily had, you can make such an impact on someones life. The minute I saw this society I though, I am going to try making Emily proud. I am going to do what I can to make people feel the way Emily made everyone around her feel and im sure the teachers, peers, friends and family will tell you that she made people feel the pure brilliance of...
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