Speech By The First Lady Michelle Obama

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Speech by the first lady Michelle Obama

This speech the first lady, Michelle Obama presented for an event at the DC high school sophomores was a very interesting speech made by the first lady. It had many messages written into it but let me explain the main things that we need to know at this analytical essay. The sender

If we go out from the fact that Michelle Obama is the one making the speech of course she is the sender, but from my point of view she is just the messenger. The real sender is President Obama. One of the main reasons for that is from the line where she says "you guys and students like you across America are at the heart of one of my husband’s most important goals as President.” She is delivering a message that the President is thinking about the future of the country and one of his main goals would be to make the school system better especially when it at this time is so proven that it is going backwards. So the sender is President Obama presented by his wife that can assimilate to these young students, by telling them how she was dealing with her school time witch was not easy. The receiver

The receiver of this speech is made to the students but also to the parents off these students, by telling them that even if these students are not the richest youngsters in the country they can still make it, if they just have the ambitions for it. In the speech she told the students that she had to go across town to study and that her family were not rich or educated. This sentence stayed in my head, because this was the message to the parents that they should push their kids to keep on studying, the students also received the message that even if life is tuff on them now they could become what they wanted to, if they just set their mind into it.

The purpose
My opinion is that this speech, even when it is told in a classroom and in front of students it is a campaign move from the Obama camp. Because the President, when he came to power, made...
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