Speech Assignment

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Your assignment: (read carefully and follow directions)
a)Interview a speech therapist/language pathologist (SLP) for effective techniques as a teacher of students who may have communication disorders b)create a handout that will be given out to the class

The goal:
Consult with an SLP for effective strategies and information about teaching students with communication disorders in a classroom setting. Part A=The interview:
Type ten thougtful and purposeful questions. These questions should help you as a teacher in a classroom (NOT 1:1) be more successful with students who may have communication disorders. The questions should require answers that provide significant information. Questions should not be yes or no, or short answers. Each answer should be multiple sentences. In other words, the questions should be "What activities can I, as a teacher, do in my classroom that would help students with communication disorders?" rather than "What is your name?" You will be graded on the questions you choose. After having read the booklet, you should be able to formulate questions that will provide you with useful information. What you're handing in to me:

A typed page (minimum one page) that has:
-your name, the date of the interview, and your relationship to the speech therapist at the top. -a paragraph summarizing the speech therapist that includes: her name, contact information, place of work, years of experience, credentials (degree and college), summary of her experience as a speech therapist. If you absolutely can't find a speech therapist, you may interview someone who is currently in a graduate (Master's level) program for speech therapy, and include this information in her paragraph. Please note that this is ONLY if you attempted to interview a speech therapist, but were unsuccessful. -ten questions that you prepared in advance, each followed by the speech therapist's answer Part B=Handout

You will create an original handout that will be given out to...
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