Speech Analysis

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Speech Analysis
Obama’s State of the Union Address

President Obama overall is an excellent performer while giving speeches. As always he delivered his State of the Union speech with the same stride and punctuality as his previous speeches. The speech took place at the House of Representatives due to their ability to accommodate a lot of people. Where he had addressed his speech to the House of Representatives, the senate and of course the viewers who watched his televised speech. Who of which he was trying to influence into his plans for the United States.

While speaking President Obama had excellent posture but in a way where it wasn’t so obvious. It looked natural for him to stand up straight and at attention. This expressed his subliminal authority. Also, throughout the speech, President Obama’s enunciation was proper in his delivery, which also made the audience want to listen and continue listening to him. Although there were mishaps like a few stutters, he proceeded as if nothing had occurred. Overall, the president had spoke at a pace that was neither to fast nor too slow. It was slow enough to comprehend and his words weren't dragged out which would have caused him to lose the audiences attention. President Obama’s attitude throughout his address was completely positive and he appeared to be motivated to focus on bettering our nation.

The president had throughout his whole speech presented himself with class and a very influential demeanor. He had made valid points which featured everyday american examples. The examples that he used were easy for an average american to relate to their own personal situations. President Obama revealed their personal stories and made his overall approach seem more conducted for the american people. For example, when he talked about receiving the woman's letter about unemployment where he quoted her saying, “Please give people like me a chance.” Obama later turned that quote into his own by...
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