Speech against Animal Testing

Topics: Animal testing, Medical research, Animal rights Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Now ladies and gentlemen, I would like you guys to have a think about this, without animal research, how long would it take for us to have a breakthrough in order for us to survive through small pox, rabies, malaria or any other severe diseases that had occurred in the past. If it weren’t for animal testing, we wouldn’t be all sitting here, enjoying our lives. Thank you all for listening. 10 In the case of using primates in animal testing, the National Research and Medical Research Council has stated, ‘Some biomedical research is best undertaken on primates in order to allow the greatest relevance to understanding health and disease in humans.’ A PHD student from the University of Sydney, Swetha Murali, is working in a neuropharmacology lab researching about the development of novel therapeutics for treating chronic pain. Murali also raised a number of concerns and argued, ‘The first three are not alternatives at all. 8

These animal dealers must be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture and must adhere to Animal Welfare Act standards of care. Both dealers and research facilities can obtain dogs and cats only from specified sources and must comply with detailed record-keeping and waiting-period requirements. In addition, the United States Department of Agriculture conduct surprising inspections of dealers and research facilities for agreement to help ensure research animals are not missing pets.’ 6

They don’t actually lead to the development of novel treatments, just a better understanding of the efficacy of existing ones. Meanwhile the last two are already commonly used in most labs, but prior to and in conjunction with work and animals.’ Murali has also stated that ‘and as powerful as modern computers are, there’s still simply no comparison – the idea of successfully simulating the complexity present in organism- level biological systems is a pipe dream at present.’ 9

My third point would be that there is no suitable and reliable...
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