Speech About Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education

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Advantages and disadvantages of online education


It is basically credit-granting courses or education training delivered primarily via the Internet to students at remote locations, including their homes. The Online courses may or may not be delivered synchronously. An online course may need that students and teachers meet once or periodically in a physical setting for lectures, labs, or exams, so long as the time spent in the physical setting does not exceed 25 percent of the total course time. Online education encompasses various degrees and courses. Through online education, one can opt for many online degrees or online courses from various online universities which provide this facility.


Accessibility: The Distance from a university campus is no longer a barrier in the education of students. Today's generation have the advantage of utilizing time effectively, since there are numerous choices in distant online education for them. For the student to access online education, all he or she needs is a personal computer with internet access with which he or she can find the desired courses online and enroll. The online education systems ensure that the student's put all their energies into studies. Travel is a one of the major issue that is associated with taking on-the-campus classes if the students reside in remote rural areas. Online education has provided a remedy for issues with those residing remotely. Now, they can attend online classes and save time and money. For example, a child of a farmer can help the family out in the morning with the farming chores then go to an online class later on.

Student-Centered Learning: As a student of online learning, it is you who dictates your learning experience. As your tutor will not be teaching you all of the time, you can prioritize your schedule and complete any and all assignments accordingly. You will also be given the choice of which learning methodology you wish to use,

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