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Vince Francis C. CalapanDecember 26, 2014
4-Fermionic Condensate

Childhood Experience

I can’t say that my childhood experience was so happy, wanna know why? Because some terrible incident happened in my childhood life.
I was born on January 29, 1999, it was the feast day of St. Francis de Sales but later changed every January 24. It was the start of my childhood life and my childhood experience.
I was the only son of Ervin and Jesusa Calapan, I was raised in a simple life, my father was a jeepney driver before and my mother is a plain housewife. As I’ve said earlier my parents raised me in a simple life yet full of love but sometimes like other children I want those kind of toys/stuffs that my parents can’t provide . Sometimes I felt uncontented from what I have but what can I do ? I just accepted that I should be contented and be thankful on what I have.

As my childhood life goes on another terrible incident happened. My mom got pregnant, and I was so happy to hear that finally I will become a “kuya” now. I was so excited that time especially when the doctor says that it is a baby girl. November 18, 2005 a baby girl named Francis Joy was born, me, my cousin and my family was so excited but unfortunately our baby girl was sick because she was suffering from a severe illness that needs an operation urgently. She undergoes the 1st operation and she survived but 10 days after she died I feel so sad that time and I miss my baby sister so much.

After that incident my father decided to work abroad and he told me that he needs to do that so he can give me and my mother a good life so he can provide whatever we need. At first I was lonely, I miss my father and I miss our bonding. 2 years after when I was in grade 4 my father went home I was so happy and I thought that he would never come back in abroad but I was wrong he told me that my mother will go with him and I will be sent to my aunties. See, at my very young age, my parents had sacrifice, just to provide my needs and to buy whatever I want and also to provide my education and sent me to whatever school I want.

For this childhood experience of mine I should say that trials in life is just a “trial”, maybe we encountered many challenges in our life, many struggles and many terrible incidents that we’ve faced but the thing we should do is to have more faith in God. And for the lesson that made me realized is that my parents love me more than anything else and they can sacrifice even their own happiness and even their own life just to make me happy and just to provide my needs. So, we should loved our parents as much as we love God.

Teenage Experience

In this stage of our life, we considered this as teenage life… on this moment, we have many experiences, some are good some are bad and some are personal and private.

I considered my teenage experience is just simple and happy, yet sometimes I encountered some difficulties especially in my studies. But the most memorable teenage experience I ever had is when my mom and dad come home, it was our vacation. I feel so happy because for once again I am with them. We had enough vacation because we’ve been into many places. And every day we considered it as our family day.

I had many experiences in this teenage life but being with my family is the greatest. Not even anything can replace my happiness when I am with them. And for all of us, we should cherish every moments when we are in teenage life because it is once in a life time and it will never repeat again.

Something Meaningful

All of the things that given by my parents are important to me because I know that they need to work in abroad just to provide the things I need and the things I want. But the thing that is meaningful to me is the “game boy” that my father gave to me the first time he comes back to the Philippines.

As I’ve said in my childhood experience we had a simple life before and my parents...
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